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Pimento Cheese Please

Lightened Up Pimento Cheese

Some southern foods are in a category all by themselves and never make it much past the Mason-Dixon line. This southern delicacy is cheesy, creamy, tangy and everybody has their favorite. It is so important that it can bring together Tennessee and Alabama fans on a football saturday tailgate, it’s the sandwich of choice at The Masters and can comfort a crowd after a funeral.

We’re talking Pimento Cheese! Ask any good southern cook, they’ll tell you there’s pimento cheese recipes you date and then there is the one you marry.  Find a good recipe with the perfect balance and hang onto to – it’ll serve you well.

Here’s my lightened up version, take her on a date and see what you think!


3 tbsp light cream cheese, softened

1 cup low fat  or 2% sharp cheddar cheese

1 cup low fat or 2% cheddar and monterey jack blend cheese

1 tbsp Hellman’s mayo

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

2 tbsp pimentos, diced

Blend all ingredients well. Chill and serve your favorite way!

 I like my pimento cheese toasted on french bread rounds, how do you like yours?