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5 thoughts on “Lolleigh’s Favorites

  1. Linda Carlen

    Lora Leigh,

    How exciting! We are trying to lose weight, so I plan to try as many of these as possible, although, I am not the cook you are.
    Is there a way I can get these in a printable form? Looking forward to trying these and the chili will be my first.


    1. lolleigh

      Thanks for subscribing. I finally figured out a print feature. If you click on a post on the right side menu at the bottom you should see a print button. Hope it works and let me know if you have any trouble.

  2. Marsha Newman

    Love your stories and your recipes! I learned to cook with my autographed copies of Ida Ramsey’s cookbooks and still use them often. You are an awesome mother, and I am thrilled that you seek to share a healthy version of our southern treasures.

  3. Jennifer Eldred-Haines

    Hey lady! Miss your great food here up north!! I am glad that I found this site, because I am going to try that tart frozen yogurt recipe and an of the others that are gluten free. I might play around with some of the others that aren’t gluten free and will let you know the outcome! Cheers!


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