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So the little guy and I took a road trip to Nashville over the weekend for a visit. I love to go home no matter how old I am, that feeling of pulling up in the driveway and walking into the house is one of my favorite feelings in the world.

My other favorite thing to do is nose around my mom’s kitchen. She always has a great new find whether it’s food or decor. I literally open every cabinet and just browse around, so here’s some of my favorite finds in my mom’s kitchen and yes, we’ll get back to cooking tomorrow!

If you don’t love the taste of water these are for you. Hint comes in a slew of flavors without any sugars or calories - genius! You can find them at The Fresh Market and Whole Foods.

Wickles Pickles are made using a 70-year-old family recipe born in the heart of Alabama. Try these and you’ll never go back to another jar of regular pickles.

Ever since a trip to Italy, my mom keeps a bottle of lemoncello in the freezer and offers any guest that comes through a taste of this delicious lemon liqueur.

I love this idea – it’s so pretty and so southern. Southerners always appreciate silver except it stays in a china cabinet or on a shelf until a holiday rolls around. This collection of silver sits next to the coffee pot for everyday use holding sugars and teas.

2 thoughts on “Being Nosey

  1. Susan Ray

    I love your mom’s kitchen too! Lemoncello is also in our freezer. Think I’ll get out my silver tray for morning coffee. That’ll start tomorrow right! So glad you got to visit over the weekend. Who had more fun—Jack or John?


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